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Principal’s Message

There is an understanding all over the world that only through the right education can human beings be made good citizens and a better order of society be built. Education implies cultivation of the mind to make life tolerable and the acquisition of skills for making it possible. Education for student is a lifelong process. We can never fully ensure the academic success of our students. However, it is our duty to prepare them to be successful. Our goal is to develop students into independent learners. Lincoln College is now a leading college among others. Our college is allowing you to broaden your horizon and professional network while gaining critical skills for your future.

Education is not merely gaining knowledge, though that is a part of it, rather it is replenishment and a expansion of the natural thirst of the mind and soul. Learning is gradual process of growth, each step building upon the other. No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted in the long run, for education is its own reward. Furthermore, it ministers to the development of such virtues as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All of them are the important aspects of education.

We believe that a student is like a sprouting bud that becomes a twig and then a tree, which is enough to endure all the adversities, diversities and complexities of life. But when the twig is bent, the tree-to-be will bend too. Here comes the need for a quality education. During the period of echoing voices everywhere regarding the low quality of education, Lincoln College has ventured forth with the commitment of providing qualitative education that can match the international standards. For this, we are equipped with the human and material resources that are the prerequisite for delivering quality education. Therefore, it’s our belief that we shall be able to check the flow of students going abroad for higher education. Here is not a crescent moon, neither a starry horizon: but we always believe “hope dwells in the dusk.”

Located at a peaceful area, yet at the heart of Kathmandu, housed in an attractive building with a spacious playground, equipped with all the facilities that students need, Lincoln College aims at providing quality and practical education. I hope students will never forget our college after their first visit.

Looking forward to welcoming all the prospective students at Lincoln College!

Thank you!

Prakash Sharma Ghimire 


M.Phil./M.A./B.Ed. English (TU)